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Apple’s Twitter Account Comes To Life Before iPhone 7 Event

Apple has been on Twitter for almost 5 years now. It joined in September 2011 but it hasn’t tweeted yet. You might think that this account was fake but that little blue check mark is there to verify that it’s truly Apple. What’s with the silence though? Well perhaps Apple was saving it for something big. That’s to be expected. I guess Apple’s minimalist style is reflected in its social media choices too. Either way, the account came to life when people began receiving tweets about the iPhone 7 event on September 7. On Friday, the official count of followers was 90,000 according to the Verge. However, now it stands at 267,000. Behold, the power of the Apple Fanboys.

More than 20,000 of these tweets were seen. However, Apple’s twitter account still reads that it has never tweeted. How is that possible?

apple tweet

Well apparently it’s due to something called paid tweeting. Samsung did something similar with its “dark tweets” to promote its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones back in February. Basically it’s paying twitter to send out automated tweets for you to thousands of people without having to do it yourself. It allows for great marketing but also keeps your twitter account squeaky clean.

The tweet is programmed to trigger an automatic thank you note to anyone who retweets it. And the retweet also sets an alarm for a reminder to the user on event day. Just in case, you know, you forgot the most important day on your calendar (assuming you’re an Apple fanboy).

Apple has even paid twitter for a custom emoji to promote its September 7 event and get it trending (it wasn’t already?). Digital Trends reports that the custom logos designed by Twitter cost $1 million. That’s pocket change for Apple and a nice little investment to ensure that the event gets as much coverage as possible.

Apple Event

Apple has been less than marvelous lately. It’s iPhone sales have been declining since last year and it has shown a disappointing revenue stream in its last financial quarter. It’s not like investor confidence has disappeared, it’s just that the magic apple that once fell on our heads each year to reveal something we truly couldn’t live without hasn’t fallen much lately.

Apple’s looking to change that with the new iPhone which is rumoured to have a dual lens camera, an additional speaker, water resistance, no more antenna lines on the back and no more headphone jack. The latter is an innovation in tech that not many phones have yet. It’s also the most talked about rumour for the iPhone. If Apple does it though, everyone else will have to do something equally impressive or match them port to port.

Apple bought Beats by Dre two years ago and hasn’t totally utilized its investment. Maybe it’ll give away custom headphones for its phones this year developed by Beats. Perhaps they’ll be wireless headphones. There’s even a special offer on the Apple website for free headsets and in ear headphones with a purchase of iPads, iPhones and Macbooks. It only lasts till September 5th so you’d better hurry if you want any.




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