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Apple Is In Talks With McLaren In Its Long Running Endeavour To Produce A Car

Apple is reportedly in talks to buy McLaren. Apple has been hiring engineers from car companies for a while now to move forward with Project Titan. It has hired people from Fiat Chrysler Motors, Lamborghini, Tesla and even Ford. And it’s all leading up to what we hope is an Apple car. Then again, earlier this month, the company fired dozens of engineers so it’s unclear which direction it is taking. Maybe Apple decided that it was better to bring in an entire machine rather than cogs and screws from different ones. Although McLaren has denied the reports of Apple buying the company, it’s very possible that, that is the case.

McLaren is one of the great race car makers along with Ferrari and Lamborghini etc. It’s racing cars are the stuff of legend. Anyone who played the classic Need For Speed 2 Special Edition can remember that the McLaren F1 was the fastest car of the lot, no question about it. And McLaren’s innovations like active aerodynamics and adjustable suspensions have been banned from Formula 1 because they gave their cars an enormous advantage over the others.

McLaren is no stranger to electric cars either. And that is probably where Apple is headed, with its green policy and all. McLaren’s P1 hybrid car could travel six miles on electric power alone. That’s not quite as much as the Tesla Model X which can travel more than 300 miles on a single charge but with McLaren’s engineering team, nothing seems impossible. McLaren also works with carbon fiber, aluminium and carbon composites, materials that are at the cutting edge of design in electronics.

The deal to buy the company, if there is one, is rumoured to be between $1-$1.5 billion according to the Financial Times.

Steve Jobs once said in an interview that the difference between the average and best is small in most cases except for perhaps software and Apple still prides itself in squeezing the best performance out of the best engineering and design. It’s not a considerable difference when put up against rivals but it does make ALL the difference. And it seems like McLaren is exactly what Apple is looking for: the best.

Apple Is Also In Talks With Startup Lit Motors

Apple is also in talks with self balancing car manufacturing startup, Lit Motors. The company is known for its C-1 prototype model that looks like a cross between a motorcycle and Google’s self driving car. Apple has already hired some Lit Motors engineers but Apple has declined to talk about it.



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