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The White 2TB Xbox One S Edition Has Already Sold Out

Microsoft has confirmed that it will not be making any more white 2TB Xbox One S consoles. Existing versions have already been sold out.

Microsoft claimed that the 2TB Xbox One S would be a limited edition. They have already announced that it is sold out, as they won’t be restocking stores with the console anymore. The relatively slim white 2TB edition was launched earlier this week, and now that it’s already sold out, the next limited edition to be released would be the Gears of War 4 edition, later this year.

The Gears of War 4 version starts shipping mid September and will cost more, at £399 and will have the Gears of War 4 livery all over it. For comparison, the white 2TB Xbox One S was priced at £349.

The console sold quite well considering Microsoft announced it alongside their next year’s Project Scorpio upgrade. It is still unclear how many consoles of this model were made. Due to this, prices for existing ones are skyrocketing on eBay and Amazon, reaching up to £500.

Microsoft also announced that they would release the 500 GB and 1 GB versions of the white Xbox One S, but there are no further details available on it.

“We’re excited by the reaction from fans for the Xbox One S. While stock of the 2TB has sold out, gamers can pre-order the Xbox One S 2TB Gears of War Limited Edition console,” — A Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer

The Xbox One S is a big improvement from the original version. It is more suitable for home theater enthusiasts because of its ability to play in 4k Blu-ray. It also has high dynamic range (HDR) support. The console is also less bulkier than the original. Microsoft’s promised Project Scorpio is a more powerful project, that they will release next year. Sony’s PlayStation 4 NEO is rumored to be closer to launch.

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