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Watch Dogs 2 Is Bringing Back Hacking Invasion

The upcoming Watch Dogs 2 sequel is going to bring back the “Hacking Invasion” PVP mode from the original release, Ubisoft confirmed at Gamescom 2016.

Players will once again be assigned opponents as potential targets for collecting data. The ultimate goal is to locate and stalk the target until an opportunity arises to successfully download a certain amount of data without being detected. Stealth is key in this mode and to increase their odds players can choose to team up with friends in cooperative play. According to Ubisoft, the co-op feature extends to exploring the entire map of San Francisco and groups can also take on similar missions throughout their progression.

In addition to Hacking Invasion, another online multiplayer modes has also been revealed for Watch Dogs 2. The second is a brand new mode called “Bounty Hunter” which is linked with the police heat system. Contributing to the chaos in the city is going to have law enforcement on your back. Once detected, it’s a race against being captured and escaping the police, having successfully completed your mission.

Both online modes are separate from the single-player campaign and once triggered, pulls the player out of the story campaign and into a challenging PVP mode.

Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15. Pre-orders are currently open but many have decided to play it safe this time around. Recalling to the time of the PC release of the first game, Watch Dogs was hyped to be an extraordinary title but failed in numerous departments upon release. The Windows port was a broken mess and plagued with a severe case of downgrade.

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