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Titanfall 2’s Multiplayer Reveal Pits YouTube Personalities Against Each Other

Gamescom 2016 officially kicked off with Respawn Entertainment showcasing a multiplayer reveal for Titanfall 2.

A number of renowned YouTube celebrities were invited to take part in the live skirmish, including XFactorGaming, Darkness429 and TheZombiUnicorn. There’s over an hour of footage available, featuring carnage led by a “Titanfall community leader.” The footage is more than simply a glimpse into the online module. You can get a fair idea on how the multiplayer portion of Titanfall 2 is going to work. Honestly, it looks pretty exhilarating with fair improvements over the original installment.

Respawn Entertainment is going to launch an open beta (technical test) over the coming two weekends across both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There will be no beta events for PC because the developer is yet to fully optimize the game for a wide range of possible hardware configurations.

The first event will commence this Friday, August 19, with two game modes and two maps. The weekend after that is going to feature the same content, but with the addition of another game mode and map.

The developer has promised that testers will be able to pilot two of the new Titans: Ion and Scorch, as well as being able to try out new abilities such as the Grapple, Holo Point, and Pulse Blade. Additionally, there are two new weapons to test out as well, called the Mastiff (horizontal spread shotgun) and the Alternator (dual-barrel SMG).

Titanfall 2 is scheduled to release on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In contrast to the first game, the sequel is going to feature a single-player mode where players will fill the shoes of the Frontier Militia’s Jack Cooper.

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