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The Pokemon Go Permanent Bans Have Begun!

So yeah, remember how you were all using bots to play Pokemon GO? You’ve probably been banned from playing the game altogether. That’s right, Niantic has begun permanently banning the accounts that were found to have botting, GPS spoofing or sniping activity. The organization had previously placed soft bans on accounts that would allow players to still play the game but not engage in any gym battles or capture any Pokemon.

The adrenaline rush from playing Pokemon Go has been caught on camera, specifically in a video where hundreds of players are running to catch a Vaporeon in Central Park, NY

It was always a slippery slope and the ban wave was imminent but that didn’t stop players botting until their devices ran out of juice. This was ruining the experience for many others since they thought of this as cheating. It certainly was cheating because botting is against the terms of service of the game. Niantic released a statement today on its website detailing the reasons and consequences of the ban. If you have been banned unfairly there is a form you can submit an appeal on to get your account reactivated.

Botting as a trend on Pokemon GO only arrive when after reaching level 20, players began to complain that the game got tedious and boring. The only thing left to do after a certain point was to catch all the rest of the Pokemon that you didn’t have. Searching for them night and day seemed to be the only way to accomplish this. Heck, you’d have to travel to other countries or regions to catch Pokemon not available in yours. Hence, botting came along to fix this problem. However, from the start this irked players that were playing fair as well as Niantic. It took away the fun of the game and defeated the one good thing that came out of the game: millennials getting off their asses to socialize with people and getting some fresh air. Granted, some people took it too far like Nick Johnson, the world’s first Pokemon Go Master who caught all 145 Pokemon available in the world (he even flew to Europe to capture the three that weren’t local to the USA), but that’s what extreme athletes do in any game or sport.

Niantic hasn’t commented on how it is narrowing down the accounts that are using bots or GPS spoofing software. It has declined to comment when asked by various blogs like The Verge and Gizmodo. Since it has issued a form for complaints against unfair bans, the way they’re getting to the botting accounts is probably not airtight.

The Influence Of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm that no app or game has ever done. It has sparked debate about the intrusiveness of technology and resulted in a ban by the Iranian government. It has shown the world the dangers of immersing yourself in augmented reality and resulted in two horrifying deaths, albeit not directly related to the game. And Pokemon Go has set the stage for what is to come, an entirely virtual world of gaming.



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