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Street Fighter V Is Finally Getting a “CPU Versus” Mode Next Month

As part of a commitment to keep the community regularly updated, Capcom has outlined the upcoming updates for Street Fighter V.

A new patch is scheduled to release today which is going to bring even harsher penalties for rage-quitters. These are players who abandon matches on the verge of defeat. With August’s update, players are going to lose League Points every time they rage-quit a match and be locked out of online play for a set time.

Capcom believes that this new step will further help in cleaning the community of such players. In the mean time, the developer is still working on a more “robust system” that will act as a permanent and complete solution to the same issue. While a release date has not been given, Capcom is feeling confident that it will be able to roll out the new system sometime early next year.

In September, Street Fighter V is scheduled to finally receive one of the most basic modes in any fighting game. The latest installment in the iconic fighting franchise released earlier this year without numerous features. One of those was the option to fight against the CPU. Capcom has announced that it will be rolling out a “CPU versus” mode with September’s update. Additionally, next month’s patch will also add Daily Challenges with Fight Money rewards and quality of life improvements for your Fighter Profiles.

Owners of the game’s Season Pass will receive more color options and Premium costumes for free. New color bundles are also being prepared that can be purchased using Fight Money or real-world money.

Capcom continues to release regular updates to improve the current situation of Street Fighter V. Unfortunately for the developer, the game continues to be seen as a blight in the series. Over on Steam, the reviews are still mostly negative and players continue to raise their voices against the developer for releasing the game as an empty shell.

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