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Steam Updates No Man’s Sky Page With New Refund Notice

The official Steam store page for No Man’s Sky has been updated with a new notice that addresses recent refunding claims by numerous users.

“The standard Steam refund policy applies to No Man’s Sky,” reads the notice. “There are no special exemptions available.”

The “standard Steam refund policy” states two conditions that a user must look at when asking for a refund. Firstly, he/she should not have exceeded an allotted number of two gameplay hours. Secondly, the user must have owned the product for fewer than two weeks.

However, the past week has seen numerous users claiming Steam to have opted leniency when dealing with owners of No Man’s Sky. Those who have played the game for more than two hours should have had their requests for refunds rejected immediately. Instead, Steam’s support ticket system went through with refunding requests for numerous users.

We’re assuming that Valve was simply adhering to the requests of its player-base even if users were not eligible. Once Steam’s lenient approach got out, it must have attracted a horde of refunding requests. That must be the reason for the company to update the store page of No Man’s Sky and clarify that it will be offering “no special exemptions” from hereon.

No Man’s Sky was an incredibly hyped up release for this year. The launch, however, only opened a can of controversy for developer Hello Games when it came to light that many features previously mentioned (or hinted) were not included. Even Steam’s own description of the game includes features that are missing from the final product.

Shortly after release, early buyers began expressing disappointment over the misleading advertising. In addition to that, the launch was also crippled with technical and performance problems on both consoles and PC. Hence, it can be well imagined how players must have scrambled towards Steam’s support ticket system in order to get a refund.

As for Steam’s refunding policy, it continues to stand but we feel that Valve will still accept your refunding request for No Man’s Sky if you use the magic word and are polite.

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