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Rumor: PlayStation Neo Specs Could Be Improved to Battle Scorpio

A pale rumor at best for now; Sony is said to be considering improvements for PlayStation Neo to allow for even better performance enhancements.

This is based on “internal conversation” heard by VICE’s Senior Reporter Patrick Klepek and Editor-in-Chief Austin Walker, who in a recent Periscope session discussed about the possibility of PlayStation Neo increasing its power levels.

According to the rumor, the official reveal of Project Scorpio at Microsoft’s E3 2016 press briefing left some folks at Sony sweating. A major concern began brewing that the release of Project Scorpio may eventually make PlayStation Neo look outdated.

Scheduled for release in fall 2017, the upgrade to Xbox One is touted to bring 6 Teraflops of performance power. In comparison, strong rumors dictate PlayStation Neo to offer 4.2 Teraflops instead. Sony is now said to be looking into hardware improvements to better position PlayStation Neo in the market and make it easier for it to battle Project Scorpio next year.

That being said, we’re too close to the console’s release date. It’s strongly speculated that PlayStation Neo is going to release in the coming months to accompany PlayStation VR. This makes it very tough for Sony to do last-minute hardware adjustments. It also depends on what adjustments the company is considering. We’re most likely to see modest increments to the GPU and CPU clocks, but larger changes are unprecedented unless Sony decides to push the console into 2017.

Yesterday saw a new report claiming Sony to be planning an exclusive event for September 7 where we’re going to finally see PlayStation Neo announced. The final developer kits are said to release around the same time. We’ll know in a month’s time as to what Sony has been cooking up all this time.

Neo is an upgrade to PlayStation 4, featuring improved hardware and software for better performance capabilities.

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