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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Skull Rain Undocumented Changes

Operation Skull Rain was released for Rainbow Six Siege a couple of days ago. A monstrous changelog accompanying the new update cataloged numerous gameplay tweaks and balances, features and more. However, it has come to light that there were various other changes as well that were kept out of the official patch notes.

A posting on Reddit mentions these changes, and is currently asking users to contribute with other changes that they have discovered.

  • Crouch animation is smoother and a little bit slower
  • Weapon can be changed whilst sprinting
  • All weapon skins can be purchased with renown A few universal skins got implemented
  • Some new charms got also added (universal)
  • Exclusive season pass headgear for Capitao and Caveira
  • The crossair interface for Twitch’s Drone, Ash’s Launcher and Doc’s Pistol is different
  • The ranks not showing in ranked is documented, but you can’t see your own stats even in the main menu
  • Higher RPM of the russian shotgun
  • Spetsnaz recruit can carry 3 smoke and 3 flash grenades now
  • The iron sights of the MP5 got changed, but we are not sure if it’s a bug
  • Movement speed feels also different, but we didn’t get offical informations about this (Heavy characters move slower)
  • Subtitles got expanded and display more actions during the gameplay (Sounds etc.)
  • Red markers for enemies have now distance indicator, like the yellow ping
  • Frost holds her SMG on the barrel, not longer on the magazine
  • You can now see the kill feed when you’re flashed.
  • Pulse’s Heartbeat sensor got a little nerf
  • IQ can detect pulse much better (Interface improvement)
  • Many ambient sounds got implemented

A prominent change to Operator Pulse’s heartbeat sensor now reduces the time the enemy blips stays on your screen. Previously, the palpitating blip was continuous. Now, though, it stays only for the duration of the scan. Once the wave passes, the blip vanishes, until the next scan comes in. In a way, this isn’t a major nerf to the Operator. Nonetheless, players are going to have to be extra cautious and foes have that extra second to quickly change position to surprise the defenders.

Blitz and Montagne Operators have now reduced mobility. According to players, the reduction is considerable and not everyone is appreciating this specific change. Ubisoft is most likely to talk more on this in the coming days, since there are many that main these Operators to breach enemy fortified positions.

Operation Skull Rain introduced two new BOPE (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais) Operators: Capitao (Attacker) and Caveira (Defender). There’s also a new Favela map that has been introduced for free for everyone. You can read all about it here.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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