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Rainbow Six Siege Brings Down the Ban Hammer on Cheaters

Rainbow Six Siege released last year with FairPlay as a server-side anti-cheat system. It has so far been less than impressive in detecting cheaters, allowing many to openly hack their way through countless Ranked matches.

With the recent release of Operation Skull Rain DLC, Ubisoft introduced BattlEye as a new client-side anti-cheat countermeasure. Both anti-cheats are currently running side-by-side. FairPlay works from the server end while BattlEye scans your system for illegally injected third-party software.

Even though BattlEye has been operational since earlier this month, the anti-cheat has begun banning players only this week. According to a recent statement from Ubisoft, the new system was employed to scan through every Rainbow Six Siege player in order to gain data. Now that it has enough information, it’s time to weed out the cheaters and hackers from the community.

If you were to play Rainbow Six Siege now, you’re guaranteed to come across message popups signifying the banning of specific players. These messages are not directed at your current match. Rather, the messages are displayed globally for everyone to know that the anti-cheat is working. It also is a way to put the fear of BattlEye inside anyone even considering to apply a hack.

The new anti-cheat system has so far banned “thousands” of players, coming in the form of ban waves after ban waves. That being said, cheats are ever-evolving and Ubisoft realizes this. Creators are only going to update their hacks to bypass BattlEye. Ubisoft, however, is up to the challenge and has assured the player-base that it will also keep updating its anti-cheat systems to curb all kinds of hacks.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The tactical first-person shooter has received three expansion packs so far and is now awaiting the release of the fourth one. The recently released Operation Skull Rain introduced two new Operators, a free map, and several gameplay changes.

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