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Pokemon GO’s New Nearby Tracker is Around the Corner

Ever since Pokemon GO was released, it gained an amazing amount of traction by not only Pokemon fans but generally most people with smartphones. Unfortunately, there were some bugs that came with the release of the popular game. Niantic has been working to iron out any issues, and tweaking features to make the game more enjoyable to players.

Yesterday, Niantic rolled out an update for Pokemon GO. This update contains a revamped version of the Nearby Pokemon tracker. It’s called “Nearby Sightings” and is a better version of the same feature, as it has a higher refresh rate. This is not the real feature though. To replace the problematic footsteps tracker from before, a better tracker is currently being tested by users in San Francisco and some other cities.


The new tracker is designed in such a way that you can see nearby Pokemon with a picture of the PokeStops that they are near. Tapping on any Pokemon will open up a top down view of your surroundings, showing you where the Pokemon you’re looking for might be hiding. This new tracker will allow users to be more goal oriented during their Pokemon GO ventures, instead of roaming around aimlessly.

The previous system featured footsteps, ranging from one to three next to Pokemon to determine how far they were. Unfortunately, it was buggy and not very accurate. Due to this, 3rd party trackers became quite famous among players. Niantic ultimately removed their tracker and also called for the 3rd party apps to shut down.

You can also change your nickname, but only once. Another addition in this update includes that you will receive a notification if the app senses that you are playing Pokemon GO while driving.

The update (0.33 for Android and 1.30 for iOS) is available for download on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Kumail Pirzada
Ahmed Kumail Pirzada is a Karachi based life-long gamer and tech enthusiast. At only 18 years of age, being a high school graduate, Kumail has decent experience in freelance writing and volunteer writing. His interests lie in Esports, PC gaming and anything tech related; and keeps up to date with new projects around the world through his research skills.


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