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Pokémon Go Glitch Helps You Permanently Win Pokémon Gyms

A new glitch has been discovered for Pokémon Go which allows players to indefinitely hold on to Pokémon Gyms, or at least until the exploit is fixed.

You have to usually compete against other players to take control of Pokémon Gyms. If successful, you gain the honor of placing your own creatures inside the gym and calling it as your own. However, other players can still try to challenge your claim and take the gym for their own. The glitch, though, allows for permanent ownership. Hence, making it impossible for other players to fight or win back the gym.

How the exploit works is that players must place an egg in the location instead of a Pokémon. According to reports, numerous gyms in New York have already been claimed by players using the exploit. As word of the glitch spreads, more players are scampering across their neighborhoods to claim nearby gyms.

Thanks to the glitch, players can take advantage of the Pokécoin feature as well. The system grants owners in-game currency for every day they are in control of a gym. Seeing how you can use the exploit to permanently take over a location, consider that as a daily source of income.

Players have to normally walk certain distances to get an egg to hatch. It is only then that it reveals the Pokémon inside. Until then, the eggs carry no character data or statistics. As such, eggs cannot take part in battles and the reason that no other player can challenge a gym for a fight.

Niantic Labs is likely to release a hotfix for this game-breaking glitch. The developer has yet to issue a formal announcement but an update should already be in the works.

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