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Pokemon Go Creator Niantic Comes Down On Botting

Pokemon Go bots have flooded the internet. People are sharing GPS coordinates right front and center to catch rare Pokemon and using bots to do it. Of course botting is an offense that can get you banned. There hasn’t been a big crackdown or a ban wave yet but botting is against Pokemon Go’s terms of service. So there’s probably a big chance that will happen. However, Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go, has taken steps to curtail botting in the game’s latest update.

Gaming forums have been lit up with reports that botting isn’t working as effectively or at all after the new update to the game. Apparently Niantic has done something to change the API of the game. API is defined as “a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service”, according to Google. How this effects the game is a little tricky.

See, botting basically sends a lot of requests to the main game server while conducting search for Pokemon and searching Pokestops etc. What that does is overload the system with requests. To block this, Niantic has sort of put a limit on receiving requests. Now if you’re playing the game fairly, you’ll be fine. But if you’re using a bot, you’ll either get results very slowly or not at all.

Another thing added is SSL Pinning. It basically makes it impossible for you to use a bogus certificate to communicate with the game’s servers. This makes all Pokemon scanners and IV checkers useless.

Too bad botters. Looks like your cheat codes aren’t working anymore. Maybe if you’d kept the botting to a minimum and worked hard to catch Pokemon like that Nick Johnson fella did, you’d still have a free hand. But you got greedy.

It is also likely that Niantic will use all the data they are collecting with this update to identify botting accounts and shut them down. How that will go down with the players is anyone’s guess. Those still in the game will probably be relieved and those kicked out will probably riot. But hey, they broke the rules. It’s not like they have a right to cry about it now.

Pokemon Go And Its Users Have A Love-Hate Relationship

Over the last few days it has become clear that Pokemon Go is not only the most successful mobile game ever, but it is also the most polarizing. This game grew so popular that it doubled Nintendo’s market cap. Then the bots and the Pokemon trackers came out and people got greedy. Then Niantic shut them all down. And ratings for the game plummeted faster than anyone could’ve imagined (it sits at a 1.9/5 on the Apple App Store).

All in all, Pokemon Go is the personification of a love hate relationship. One might even say it’s the perfect personification of 2016. It’s a year that’s delivered some of the most polarizing events in the history of politics with the American Presdential Election and in the history of Cinema with the polarizing reactions to Batman V Superman and now Suicide Squad.



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