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PlayStation Neo Announcement Rumored for Next Month

Today has seen at least two different publications claim, based on their own sources, that Sony is going to announce PlayStation Neo next month.

According to French website Gameblog, the special event is going to be held in New York on September 7. The same report notes that while PlayStation Neo has been highly speculated for an official reveal during Tokyo Game Show, new sources are claiming that the console is going to be announced prior to the event.

Vice followed up by stating that its sources have also confirmed Sony to be planning a “major announcement” in an exclusive event planned for September 7. At this point Sony is all but confirmed to be hosting an event on the prescribed date. However, only time will tell whether the announcement is related to PlayStation Neo or not.

It was just before E3 2015 that Sony officially confirmed the existence of PlayStation Neo, even though rumors of the hardware had been circling the internet since earlier this year. PlayStation Neo is an upgraded version of PlayStation 4 that is expected to feature an improved GPU and CPU for enhanced visuals and better performance. Its specifications are yet to be pinned down; however, rumors and leaks indicate that it’s going to be a tad less powerful than what Project Scorpio intends to boast.

It will be interesting to see how Sony handles the price point. Considering that PlayStation VR releases in October, the presence of PlayStation Neo could help bolster sales for both units. PlayStation 4 is still dominating the market, over 3.5 million units units shipped to retailers between the months of April and June. With an attractive price tag and perhaps PlayStation VR bundles, Sony could further widen the gap between it and rival Microsoft.

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