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Photos Of The PS4 Slim Have Leaked Online

The Wall Street Journal called it. They said that “people familiar with the matter” said that a new PS4 standard model along with a high end version will be released on September 7th. This, they said, was to maintain demand for the best selling video game console. Well the PS4 “Slim” showed up on classified listings site Gumtree (it’s now gone) where it was said to be due for release in three weeks. The device was bought through a local retailer by twitter user shortman82 who quickly unboxed it and posted pictures online.

The PS4 Slim looks very similar to the standard PS4 except some features have been removed and it’s been grinded down to be slimmer. The corners have been rounded off and the glossy plastic section that covered the hard drive has been removed. This raises a question. Will the hard drive in the PS4 Slim be replaceable? Also, this model (CUH-2016A) only has 500 GB of storage.CqZ6o6ZWEAE5CDg

Other features that have been removed include the capacitive eject and power buttons; physical ones have been added in their place. The optical audio output on the rear is also gone. Ethernet and HDMI are still there along with the camera port. Sony’s done this before with its consoles to make them cheaper like with the media card slots on the PS3. It’s nothing new. In fact it’s a reply to the Xbox One S, the slimmer Xbox One with an integrated power supply, a 4K Bluray drive and HDR rendering in a few games.CqaI7pOWAAACIqm

The high end version of the PS4 mentioned above is the much anticipated PS4 Neo. The console is rumoured to have a better CPU and GPU than the standard version as well as 4K resolution support for select games.

Eurogamer has stated that the device is real and even recorded a video of the console booting up. V1P0e5jh

The PS4 has been selling extremely well since its release in 2013. It has sold 42.5 million units worldwide*, double the amount that the Xbox One has sold (21.84 million units*). Some people would call that obliterating the competition but Sony is still pushing forward; not resting on its laurels.

VR Cometh

The real contest between these consoles begins next year. Later in October, the PS4 VR will be available for purchase and in 2017, there’s the much anticipated release of Project Scorpio from Microsoft. It’s shrouded in mystery but will feature VR.

VR is uncharted territory in terms of competition. A lot of events are being held worldwide to show off different systems and apps that take advantage of the ability to create virtual worlds. However, playing God of War or Uncharted while wearing a helmet, now that’s something that everyone is looking forward to. In the end it’ll all depend on the feel of it; which console or operating system gives the most comfort to the player. If the experience feels organic instead of staged or artificial then it’ll succeed, otherwise there’s no point to putting on a helmet.ps4-slim-leak-2-1440x1080

The Sony PlayStation event is scheduled for September 7th at 3pm Eastern Time in Times Square.

*=taken from vgchartz.com



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