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Nvidia’s New Laptops Feature Desktop-Class GPUs – GTX 1080, 1070, 1060

It’s really happening; Nvidia is dropping the “M” from its mobile graphics cards series and stuffing its new laptops with desktop-class GPUs.

Gaming laptops have always come equipped with graphic cards that are basically weaker versions to their desktop counterparts. However, all that is changing from today with Nvidia’s new GTX 10 series notebooks. The green team is saying goodbye to its mobile SKU graphics cards and replacing them with its desktop GPUs, based on the company’s new Pascal architecture. In other words, Nvidia’s new gaming laptops feature GTX 1060, 1070, and 1080 GPUs.

The company’s Pascal architecture is already touted as being 76 percent faster than its previous Maxwell technology. This means that the new graphic cards are capable of giving a much better performance at 4K resolution. With its new laptops featuring desktop-class GPUs, it’s only a matter of time before Nvidia begins marketing its higher-end laptops as 4K-ready. The company is already claiming that laptops boasting the Pascal architecture will be VR-ready.

So does this mean that there is no difference at all between the desktop and laptop GPU series? Nvidia has stated that the difference is negligible and all its laptop variants will run within 10 percent of their desktop counterparts. The laptops’ versions have received minor tweaks in the form of clock speeds and adjustments to CUDA cores. In essence, though, they remain the same.

While there are no benchmarks as yet to match the performance of Nvidia’s new laptops to that of a desktop system, the company has released performance metrics that you can take at face value. According to the hardware manufacturer, users will be able to fully max out games like DOOM, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Metro: Last Light, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and Overwatch at 1080p resolution.

A laptop with GTX 1080 is expected to dish out at least 120 FPS. Additionally, all GTX 1080 notebooks are going to deliver 50 FPS on average when running “most games” in 4K resolution at high settings. No statement has been passed regarding the performance at max settings.

Thanks to the new GPU architecture, all Pascal laptops are said to deliver up to 30 percent more battery life than the previous Maxwell cards. That is most impressive and speaks volumes about what Nvidia has managed to achieve this generation.

Nvidia does not plan to stop its support for the new GTX 10 series just here. The company intends to deliver the “full Pascal experience” on laptops; meaning that you can expect support for other Nvidia technologies soon. This includes Nvidia VRWorks, Ansel, HDR, and more.

Prices for the Pascal laptops will start at $1,300. A release date has not been mentioned but you should expect all manufactures (MSI, Gigabyte, Alienware, etc) to begin promoting their models in the coming weeks.

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