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No Man’s Sky’s Day-One Update Brings Massive Changes

On the No Man’s Sky website, a list of changes have been posted that will go live when the new patch is launched on Monday.

The first patch for many games is an important one, as various things are tweaked and initial bugs are fixed. But for No Man’s Sky, it seems like a bit of an overhaul more than an update. Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games posted a comprehensive list of updates on the website.

There are some changes to the story i.e. there are three paths that you can now follow. Which path you take will impact things later in the story significantly, so you must make decisions wisely.

You are more likely to run into someone post-patch by scanning other solar systems that players have discovered on the galactic map. Planets have a wide variety of creatures now. The universe generation algorithm has been changed, due to which galaxies will have more variety. The combat mechanics have been altered. Critical hit systems and ground aiming methods have been revamped.

As seen on the patch notes, these changes seem to be nothing short of extraordinary. If you buy the game on Tuesday, you will get the patch as soon as you log in but if you got an early copy of the game, it is recommended to delete your file before you update the game.

“If you had an early copy somehow, your save game will technically work post update, but you will miss out on new content and experiences if you don’t delete your save before updating (should be obvious why from notes below). We highly recommend deleting your save if you have played before updating your game (we won’t do this in future, but it’s a day zero update)” — Sean Murray

Many early fans of the game expressed discontent, as one player reached the center of his galaxy in a playthrough of only 30 hours. Sony revealed that it had been holding back copies of the game. This is because of the significant changes that are to come with the patch.

No Man’s Sky will launch on August 9 for PlayStation 4 and August 12 for PC users.

Kumail Pirzada
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