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No Man’s Sky Reviews Are Going to Be Late; Here’s Why

Many publications are still awaiting their review copies of No Man’s Sky, even though the title is scheduled to officially release in a day.

In an attempt to clarify the situation, Sony Interactive Entertainment has issued a statement to confirm that early review copies are being withheld on purpose. A massive day-one patch was detailed for the game over the weekend, one which intends to bring “far-reaching” changes.

Day-one updates are a common sight these days to bring tweaks and balances, especially for the multiplayer. However, the update for No Man’s Sky promises a major shift in several aspects. Gameplay mechanics have been changed and adjusted, elements added to the procedurally-generated universe, even the game’s story has been rewritten to allow for multiple endings. Such an announcement this close to the release date is a bit surprising.

Sony believes that “early copies of the game prior to the patch would not be a fair depiction of the game as it’s intended for consumers.” Hence, the reason to withhold sending out review copies. On that same note, Hello Games has also decided to wipe the servers when the game officially releases tomorrow.

It has come to light that several users have managed to get hold of early copies, some claiming to have even ended it. However, all progression will be erased and save files overwritten when the game officially releases tomorrow. This means that anyone who managed to get hold of early copies will have to start anew. This is to ensure a “fair start to everyone and an improved experience.” In the case of publications, they’ll have to review the game once the new patch is out.

No Man’s Sky is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4 on August 9 in North America and a day later in Europe. The PC version is going to arrive worldwide a bit late, August 12.

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