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No Man’s Sky Pre-Order Ship Is Breaking the Game

The expansive universe of No Man’s Sky is being threatened by a ship that players received from pre-ordering the game.

Those who secured an early copy of Hello Games’ new action-adventure survival title have the option to redeem a much better starting ship that comes with an additional inventory slot. More importantly, it comes fitted with a hyperdrive which is an essential item in the game as it allows you to warp between star systems.

The option to replace your starting ship with the pre-order vessel comes at the beginning. However, doing so means that you’ll skip part of the tutorial where you’re tasked to acquire a blueprint that helps you learn how to build a hyperdrive. At this point you don’t need the blueprint since your new vessel already comes with a hyperdrive.

The problem comes later on when you’ll eventually find a much better ship and trade in your current vessel. Should this new vessel not include a hyperdrive, you’re going to be stuck in the same star system forever. Since you never acquired the blueprint at the beginning of the game, there is no other way for you to build one and warp yourself to another galaxy.

This is a game breaking bug that needs to be fixed. Some players on Reddit have apparently come across ships fitted with hyperdrives, while others have said that they eventually stumbled upon the blueprint during their progress. However, there is still a chance that the ship you’re trading in does not feature the essential item or that you never come across the blueprint.

To ensure that you don’t find yourself stranded in a star system, it’s important that you do not redeem the pre-order ship until you have come across the blueprint for a hyperdrive.

There are several cases on Reddit where players unknowingly traded in their pre-order vessel for a ship that had no hyperdrive. They are now stuck and waiting for a response from the developer to help them start exploring other galaxies.

No Man’s Sky was released earlier this week on PlayStation 4 and will hit PC later this week.

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