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No Man’s Sky Experiences a Disastrous PC Launch

No Man’s Sky finally released on Steam last night to a slew of performance issues.

As of right now, No Man’s Sky has received 22,000 Steam reviews. 56 percent of these are Negative, contributing to an overall Mixed rating. There are several technical issues prohibiting players from taking full advantage of their beastly rigs. Many players trying to run this game on an Nvidia GTX 980 Ti are getting just 10-15 FPS. Ironically, others have tried playing on older systems for better results. There is severe inconsistency to be found with the PC version, leaving many early buyers disappointed.

A terrible frame-rate is the least of your concern as many are finding it a challenge to simply launch the game. A large group of players are facing constant crashes upon the opening splash screen. While others, even with systems close to the recommended requirements, find No Man’s Sky crashing to their desktops fairly often. One reviewer sarcastically remarked that he had to suffer countless crashes just to get five minutes of gameplay time.

Hello Games Founder Sean Murray went on Twitter earlier today to respond to the growing issues on PC. He explained that many of the issues are due to old drivers and users should update their AMD or Nvidia hardware to the latest versions. Additionally, Hello Games has released a small hotfix since then to curb the frame-rate problems. Many players have begun reporting that the FPS counter is much better but still inconsistent. It dips in various situations where it shouldn’t.

Murray stated that his team is on point and keeping track of all issues for No Man’s Sky. A major patch is being worked on right now for the PlayStation 4 version. We’ll have to wait and see whether the same patch will also address PC issues or if the developer is going to release a separate update for the Windows version.

No Man’s Sky has so far left players confused and dazed. Some are enjoying their adventures while others are finding the gameplay too boring. Murray has been criticized by the community for misleading them on numerous features, especially on multiplayer.

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