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The New iPhone 7 Maybe Waterproof

The iPhone 7 is less than a month away and the rumour mill has churned out almost all it can. There’s the removal of the headphone jack. There’s the new dual lens camera and the introduction of a new capacitive touch home button. Apparently the rumour mill had one last thing to spit out. The new iPhone 7 is going to be waterproof.colorcorrected-1

Waterproof phones have been at the center of the smartphone buzz this year. All three Samsung Flagships (S7, S7 Edge, Note 7) are waterproof for up to 30 minutes under five feet of water. So it makes sense that the iPhone will also have that technology. A new patent has been unearthed, granted to Apple in 2015, that mentions a system for colour balancing photos that are taken underwater. The system would “remove undesirable tints from objects in a scene”. Now presumably, if Apple wants to colour correct for photos underwater it wants its customers to take photos underwater. Apple doesn’t build in technology like this to be taken advantage of by an accessory like a case, it’s philosophy of technology disappearing while you use it and all. This means the iPhone 7 should be waterproof.colorcorrected

The patent doesn’t mention any details on how this software for underwater photography would work. However, it does mention that it would operate on its mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad. Now this might tie in to getting rid of the headphone jack somehow. Think about it, the headphone jack is one place where water clearly gets in. So it makes sense to block it off. But the Samsung Galaxy flagships didn’t have to do that did they?

Apple’s Been Waterproofing Its Phones For Years

The filing itself is 3 years old now, the patent being filed in 2013. So the technology that Apple has is old. It was granted in 2015 so maybe Apple held off making its phone waterproof because of the delay. And even that isn’t completely true. The iPhone 6S has shown a level of water resistance, though it was never advertised. A YouTuber by the name of Zach Straley submerged the 6S and 6S Plus in bowls of water for an hour each. He recovered them to find both operating normally after. Similarly, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus also showed some level of waterproofing so it could be that Apple has been rolling out this technology to see how it fares among users; a kind of blind test.

The sales of the iPhone have declined for the first time in its history this year. Its last two quarters have shown sales that have not lived up to the standards set thus far in its impeccable sales record. The move to make the product waterproof would please a lot of people, specially those that have derided the iPhone for being fragile over the years compared to other phones. Remember bendgate?

It would also please underwater enthusiasts who want to photograph their deep sea diving escapades and super selfies while water skiing and have had to take special cases along to get the job done.



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