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Mindshow Is The VR Experience That Wows

Visionary VR stole the show when it unveiled Mindshow at the L.A Virtual Reality Conference. Just look at the trailer for the app and you’ll be sure that this is what we talk about when we talk about VR. Sure a lot of games are coming out on the PS VR in October and Project Scorpio sounds cool but Mindshow is on another level.

The trailer shows off the ability to create your own worlds in the app. You can create environments, decorate them, put in new characters and start controlling them to create your own story. It shows an alien planet where the player places a few cases and a few aliens, a spaceship and then makes them interact. It looks like an episode of Star Trek, the really awkward one where William Shatner slow-mo battles a reptilian alien. All of it is done via a controller that shoots blue beams to place all sorts of stuff within the VR. This is the actual VR that is on its way to becoming the Matrix. You already have infinite worlds in computer games like No Man’s Sky, people might argue but for the first time in history we hold the keys to creating our own virtual realities with the push of a button.

This is the natural next step for a generation that has grown up with products like Second Life and video games like the SIMS. Mindshow just takes that and makes it a lot more fun and actually believable.

“We’re creating a world where anyone can be their own movie studio.”

-Visionary VR co-founder Gil Baron

Now that’s something we’ve heard before. Animated movies and computer games have all been sold through this gimmick. But this truly does allow you to walk inside your own movie. It’s a little tedious though that you have to act out and control each character in your world but something tells me that’ll get better and easier with updates.

You can share your recordings with people on social networks and you can use devices like Google Cardboard and the HTC Vive to step in to the world.

Visionary VR

This is a startup that was in the headlines this March for raising $6 million to allow creators to tell stories through VR. Now that’s pocket change compared to what the big boys are throwing at their VR gaming consoles but what makes Visionary VR stick out is its creativity. While Sony and Microsoft are just repackaging games and delivering them to you a little differently, Visionary VR is allowing you to take story telling to the next level. First you had story books and novels, then you got films and television, then you got the Internet and now you have the VR experience. It’s a whole new avenue for content creation. A whole industry may open up to apply this technology to films (recent 3D and IMAX theatres) and games (PS VR) and internet videos. And sooner or later, it will take over.



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