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Microsoft’s Cache App Is Built To Take On Google Keep

Let me just say, I love Google Keep. It’s my go to app for reminders, lists, notes and jotting down just about anything that comes to mind. Microsoft’s Cache app is ready to take that on. The device will help you “quickly bookmark text snippets, images, web pages, files, reference material, and your notes”. It was developed by the Microsoft Garage, an internal development accelerator that works on new apps and features. It’s currently only available on Windows 10 and iOS.

Cache helps you easily store the content you want on your Windows PC or iOS device and transfer it between devices. You can save text, pictures, screenshots etc., and they’ll all be available on your mobile device on the go. You won’t be able to access the app on Windows Mobile or Android though. It’s not freely available just yet and you can only get it as part of a pre release program. You can sign up for the service here.


The app was first brought to the limelight by twitter user WalkingCat who posted a demo of the service. In the demo you can see how easy it is to drag and drop the content that interests you in to the app. Virtually anything from URLs to images and text can be copied. This already blows Google keep out of the water in terms of reach and ease of use. But it simply can’t compete on the same level when it’s not freely available. clip-value

The app is structured like a timeline. It’s also possible to group all your “caches” in to collections and divide them up by clients, projects, ideas and tasks. The app even remembers where you copied any single item from, offering a way back to the original content. Thurrot.com calls it a hybrid of Universal Clipboard (OneClip) and Microsoft’s OneDrive. The former was moved to the Office suite and maybe the Cache app will follow suit when it’s ready.

The web is full of note taking apps including Evernote, OneNote, SimpleNote, Apple Note, Hackpads, Quip and even Dropbox paper. But there’s nothing quite like Cache out there. Microsoft better hurry and get this up to speed because a litter of copycats (pun intended) is waiting to pounce on this opportunity.

Are Note Apps Noteworthy?

You’d think there isn’t a large market for note taking apps out there compared to social media applications and music streaming services but you’d be wrong. Sure, nothing stands up to giants like Facebook and Google search. But Evernote racks up 200 million users by July 2016*. Google Keep has between 100 and 500 million users according to Similar Web. When you consider that Twitter is currently at just over 300 million users and Snapchat is at 150 million daily active users, the note apps start to seem a lot more prevalent.

The fact is, people love ticking off lists and creating reminders. In today’s world where we’re bombarded with information every second, it’s hard to keep track of our lives. Each moment has to be micromanaged, every think carefully placed in a time slot. It can be the next tax returns you have to file or a new movie that you have to buy, the list keeps going on.

*=taken from statista



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