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A Man Was Killed In San Francisco Park While Playing Pokemon Go

Twenty year old Calvin Riley was tragically shot and killed in San Francisco park while playing Pokemon Go. Last Saturday night, Calvin Riley was out for a stroll to catch ’em all as many people his age were. He was out with a friend in the Fisherman’s Wharf Area near San Francisco’s waterfront. Unfortunately, he was killed by a shooter without any apparent provocation or motive.

Family friend, John Kirby told KGO-TV that the act was senseless and was over before anyone could retaliate. The shooter simply fired at the back of Riley’s head and fled. The shooter didn’t take any of his belongings or attempt to rob him according to detective Sergeant Robert Jansing of the U.S. Park Police.

The GoFundMe account that was set up for Riley’s family has so far collected over $55,000 for his funeral expenses. It’s now well over the required $50,000.

Pokemon Go has become the most popular mobile game in history. However, it has been surrounded by controversy ever since its release for violation of internet privacy, harm inflicted on to its players due to them not paying attention to their surroundings such as robbery and broken bones and now two deaths that have occurred; the first victim was 18 year old Jerson Lopez de Leon in Chiquimula about 120 miles from Guatemala city. Now the deaths that have occurred have nothing to do with the game per se. None of the victims did anything irresponsible to provoke anyone. They were just random killings that occurred and no blame should be placed on the game itself.

Pokemon Go, created by Niantic Inc., has a warning on its starting screen that says “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.” But the game is so addicting that it has led players to completely disregard the real world in favour of augmented reality.



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