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The iPhone 7 Will Officially Be Launched On September 7th

Invites were sent out to the press today in classic Apple fashion. It just included a picture of blurry lights in the background with the words “See you on the 7th” plastered upfront. The event will be held inside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California at 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. The auditorium was the site of this year’s World Wide Developer’s Conference in June. The event will primarily focus on the release of the iPhone 7 while also possibly discussing the update to the Apple Watch and the release date of iOS 10.

The event is an invite only affair but mere mortals can also stream it on their iOS devices and Macs on Safari as well as on the Apple TV. PC users can stream it on Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge (well it’s at least good for something).

What To Expect?

The most anticipated change to the iPhone is the removal of the headphone jack. Reports repeatedly hint at the removal in favour of the lightning port connector acting as the charger cum headphone jack. Other reports include an update to the camera: a dual lens camera capable of shooting SLR photos, an extra speaker due to the space freed up by the headphone jack and water resistance equivalent to that of the recent Samsung Galaxy Phone series. There are other rumours like an edge to edge screen, removal of the rear antenna lines and no more physical home button.

The main three features that truly matter to Apple right now are the water resistance, the dual lens camera and the removal of the headphone jack. The first feature is just to match up to the Galaxy series smartphones that have smoked the iPhone in terms of water resistance. The IP 68 certification has added a new benchmark to smartphone build quality. A patent was granted to Apple a year ago that mentioned taking photos underwater. This led to the speculation that the new iPhone would be waterproof. Previous iPhones have been tested to be waterproof to a certain degree by YouTubers and tech journalists but none match up to the resistance of the Galaxy phones.

The dual lens camera is also something Apple has to ace to beat Samsung. The camera on the S7, S7 Edge and Note 7 is the best in the business, something the iPhone used to be known for. The autofocus and picture quality on the smartphone camera are unmatched.

Finally, the headphone jack removal is something Apple can do to bring back the “one last thing” trump card of the Steve Job years. Apple has always pushed the industry forward in ditching old standards like the CD-ROM and the USB port and the hard disk drive. Removing the headphone jack can initiate a collective move towards the lightning port headphones. Moreover it could initiate the move to wireless headphones. In fact, Apple has a deal right now, lasting until September 5th for free beats headphones on purchases of eligible Apple devices. These include iPads, iPhones and Macs.



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