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DOTA 2: The International 2016 Group Stage Round-up

As the International 2016 group stages come to an end, we now have a clear idea of where each team stands. The group stages consisted of two groups with 8 teams each, played in a round robin format over the course of three days. The teams, divided in two groups with their respective points are as follows,

the international 2016

The teams placed in the upper bracket of the Main Stage are, OG, Evil Geniuses, Team Wings and Alliance for Group A. For Group B we have EHOME, Digital Chaos, Newbee and MVP Phoenix. The games themselves were quite energetic. The Chinese teams have definitely prepared well for the International.

Fan favorites Team Secret and Liquid have left fans upset with sub par performance, both scoring 5 points and landing in the lower bracket. Meanwhile, Team OG being a relatively new team has landed in the first spot in Group A. The current patch is being enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. 88 heroes were picked only in day 2 of the International 2016.

In this year’s iteration of The International, the stakes are at an all time high with the prize pool expected to reach $20+ million. The tournament will be held in Key Arena for the third consecutive year, from 8th to 13th August. Valve has partnered up with Twitch.tv to broadcast the whole event in 720p HD and 60 fps. Like last year, Paul ‘ReDeYe’ Chaloner will be hosting the main event.

The six teams directly invited are Natus Vincere, Newbee, Team Liquid, OG, LGD Gaming and MVP Phoenix. With so many top tier teams in the lower bracket, we can expect to see quite enjoyable matches. The upper bracket will be a bloodbath as well, where the western teams are matched against the eastern teams. OG goes head to head with MVP Phoenix, Digital Chaos versus Wings Gaming, EHOME is against Alliance and finally last year’s champion Evil Geniuses are fighting against the champions of the year before, Newbee.

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