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Injustice 2 Adds Harley Quinn and Deadshot to Its Roster

In the wake of the recent release of Suicide Squad, NetherRealm Studios has announced the induction of Harley Quinn and Deadshot to the roster of Injustice 2.

Referring to them as the “Worst Heroes Ever,” the developer welcomed the duo to the Injustice universe. This is the second appearance made by Quinn in the series, having been featured in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Deadshot, however, will be making his debut as one of the deadliest super-villains to inhabit Gotham Cty.

Earlier this week, Creative Director Ed Boon posted a poll on Twitter asking everyone to choose between Joker or Jason Todd as the Red Hood character for Injustice 2. While Joker made his presence known in the first game, Jason Todd has yet to enter the ring. Hence, it wasn’t surprising to see Todd lead the poll in votes by a wide margin.

Other characters already confirmed to make it into the final roster are Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle, Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Aquaman, Atrocitus, Flash, and Gorilla Grodd.

Injustice 2 is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and slated for a launch next year. The developer has hinted a PC port but the recent mishap with the abysmal Steam release of Mortal Kombat has put a large question mark over the publisher’s head. If a PC version for Injustice 2 is indeed on the list, it will be interesting to see whether NetherRealm Studios is given charge or not. Previously, Warner Bros. handed over the duties for the PC port to another (smaller) studio which only helped in botching the Windows release.

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