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HTC Viveport Launches This Fall as an Alternative VR Store to Steam

HTC has confirmed that it is going to launch Viveport, a dedicated app store for virtual reality experiences, worldwide this fall.

A global developer beta is going to pave the way to the full launch, details of which are going to be revealed in the coming days. Until then, interested developers are instructed to register themselves on the official website as soon as possible.

Viveport is going to act as an alternative to Steam, covering a wide range of categories that include educational experiences, shopping, and creative tools. While Valve’s popular digital distribution platform already houses a dedicated gaming and non-gaming VR catalog, HTC believes that Steam is still too synonymous with the video games industry.

“We believe virtual reality is going to change the world,” stated HTC Vive senior vice president Rikard Stelber, adding that Viveport is going to “add additional categories” to help everyone search their interests. He further mentioned that HTC does not necessarily want to compete with Steam and is more interested in bringing great virtual reality experiences to everyone.

Viveport is already available in China, having launched in spring. HTC might have had it easy making its presence known in a region where Steam’s reach is limited. The company, though, will have to give consumers a really fine reason for choosing its own store over Steam. It’s not only about content but also the immense popularity and following that Steam has garnered over the years.

Viveport is going to be available on multiple platforms; including PC, smartphones and a VR Store that users can access through Vive Home.

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