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Here’s How You Can Force Download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has rolled out. And it’s the same old story all over again. It’s an update hidden in the background that’s creeping in to your system. Now the update has a few tweaks that are welcome such as an option to stop those pesky updates (Thank God!), although it’s no surprise that Microsoft put that in since it was the number 1 complaint from its users. However, many are itching to get the update as soon as possible. Here’s how.

To start the update, type updates in the search box and click “Check For Updates”. If no updates are found then you’ve already installed the update or it’s just not available yet. To double check you can go to Settings>System>About. This will show you which version of Windows 10 you have. If you have build 1607, then you’ve got the Anniversary update. If it reads 1511, then you still have the old one.

After the update downloads, which is quite some time, you’ll get an option to restart and update. Do this when you have time to spare because it’s not going to be fast. The computer will restart many times over and take its sweet time. Windows-10-Anniversary-Update-Review-Release-Date-UK-Price-Windows-10-Anniversary-Upgrade-Worth-The-Upgrade-Best-New-Features-In-615256

The updates include, a new dark theme, improvements to Cortana and managing multiple desktops. The most welcome update is the feature to stop Windows 10 bugging you to install updates. Wifi Sense is also being taken down which raised security concerns. There were many tutorials on how to stop Windows 10 gathering your information when it came out. The All Apps button has also been removed from the Start Menu in favour of showing all the apps in the menu in the first place which is now much larger and feels more integrated. This eliminates the need for All Apps. The login page has also been tweaked.

What interests yours truly the most are the improvements to Microsoft Edge. I really wanted to dig this browser when it came out. I was ready to leave Chrome but alas, it was too damn buggy. The Anniversary update does little to alleviate that though. You’ll still get bugs. But there are add-ons and extensions now. You can install ad blockers and save articles to a third party client and there’s even a pinterest button for those so inclined. The browser also gives you the option of “Paste & Search” like in Chrome and if you want to wipe your history when the app is closed you can. That’s a nice little feature to remind you when you’ve been doing something…a little private and forgot to erase the evidence.

Windows 10 has been installed in over 350 million devices but has faced a mixed reception ever since its release on 29th July 2015. Microsoft’s plan to have it on over a billion devices by the next two years is, on the most part, on schedule. Since Windows 10 is eating heartily in to Microsoft Windows 7’s market share it looks like the adoption to Windows 10 is going to be smooth in spite of the backlash to many of the features and bugs.



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