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Here’s How To Bot Pokemon Go After The Update

The latest Pokemon Go update disappointed a lot of fans because it shut down all the bots. However, there is still an alternative. It’s called the Pokefarmer bot. Now before using it we must warn you that botting can get you banned and it is against the terms of service of Pokemon Go. So proceed with caution and make a separate account for this endeavour if you can.

First download the bot from this site. Then install the bot. Following that, set up the bot before running it. First set the speed of the bot. Set it to the speed of your car to make sure you don’t arouse suspicion. Setting it to some superhuman level like 100 km/h is unrealistic and can make you a sure target for Niantic, the company that made Pokemon Go. Set the speed to 30-50 km/h. Furthermore, make sure your progress is realistic and mimics the normal speed and time it might take you to get through levels. Take for example, stopping at Pokestops and relaxing for a while. It’ll waste some time but it’ll save you from a potential ban.


You can change locations by double clicking an area. There is no input for coordinates required. Now this can be a good and a bad thing. While searching for coordinates for each location can be a pain, it’s also a neat way to get to locations that are choc full of rare Pokemon or are generally filled with lots of Pokemon so you don’t have to search up and down the map. Now you’ll have to double click the place on the map regardless of whether you have the coordinates or not. After these steps you can start the bot and login to play.

There are a few issues you might experience:

  1. An error involving a missing .dll file: First, make sure you’re running the bot on Windows 7 or higher. Next, make sure you’re running the patched exe. If you’re still getting the error, delete and redownload. If you’re still getting an error then wait for another patch to come out.
  2. No items were received from the Pokestop but it keeps spinning it: You’re soft banned. But wait until it stops spinning (40-50 spins) and you’ll be un-soft banned.
  3. It says “Idle” in the bottom left: You’re currently in an unpopulated area. Go somewhere else to search for Pokemon.
  4. Session Expired: Relogging on Repeat: This happens for no apparent reason every once in a while. Restart the application to fix it.
  5. Could not connect to server: Restart the application and check your credentials.
  6. The authorization key is incorrect: There’s a chance you might have changed it; if so, go to settings and it should be cookies.

Pokemon Go has already peaked in popularity with its daily active users dropping in the last few weeks. However, it’s the biggest mobile game in history and has generated a lot of buzz for other titles from the Nintendo universe, like Super Mario and Zelda that might be making appearances soon.

Disclaimer: The solutions mentioned above are not developed or hosted by TechDrake. We offer no guarantees that they will work as advertised. ‘Botting’ or using software emulation to play Pokemon Go! might breach Niantic Labs’ Terms of Service (TOS) and users can get banned as a result. TechDrake assumes no responsibility for your actions in this regard.



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