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Here’s What To Do If You Get Banned By Pokemon Go

Niantic is going after the Pokemon Go cheaters with a vengeance. The “botting menace” had gone on long enough. They started with the soft bans but they’ve stopped playing that game now and taken the hard line. As if that isn’t enough, Twitch is also coming down hard on its users caught cheating on Pokemon Go. Botters and GPS spoofers are being shutdown immediately and that’s taking some innocent souls along with them. If you happen to be one of those innocent souls or just don’t want to get banned, here are a few tips.

For Those Banned

It’s really easy to get confused whether you’ve been banned or that your network is down. In case you have been banned you won’t be able to log on to your account AND you will have received an e-mail concerning the ban from Niantic. Be sure to check that before you go ranting about being banned on Facebook. In case you haven’t received a letter, try waiting a couple of hours or a day at the most. You might have been soft banned. That’s just a temporary ban that is put on people suspected of cheating/botting or GPS spoofing and is removed shortly after.

However, if you have been banned permanently and you haven’t done anything wrong, you can file an appeal. Just go to the appeal submission page and state your case. Niantic usually takes a few weeks to respond but tough luck, this is the only way to get your account back. You’ll receive a reply (such as the one below), when you do so.

A sample reply you get after filing an appeal with Niantic to lift the ban on your Pokemon Go account, Source: CNET

How To Not Get Banned

Now Niantic’s Terms of Service clearly outline that using bots or GPS spoofing is against the rules and if you have been doing that there’s no doubt you will be banned. So it’s best to stay away from all those bots populating the internet, no matter how safe they claim they are. Also any app that claims to reveal Pokemon locations on the map is also a big no-no. There is also a ban on using any emulators for the game, e.g those allowing you to play the game on your PC. To be safe, just stay away from any third party software that seeks access to your Pokemon Go account.

Pokemon Go has changed the mobile gaming industry completely. It is the first complete success of the Augmented Reality gaming format. Not only has it become the most popular mobile game in history but its staying power has been sighted as incredible. It’s now been almost 2 months after its launch and it has only lost 22% of the total players in the US. In context, that is incredible. The average app loses 77% of its user base in the first three days.

Pokemon Go has also led to the craziest reactions. Iran has banned the game. Niantic has banned many players due to their use of bots to play the game. in Ine case, almost an entire country has been banned from playing the game because the player cheating was using a national IP. The country in question is Belgium.



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