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Google Doodle Kicks Off The 2016 Rio Olympics With Fruit Games Mania!

Today began the 2016 Rio Olympics and Google wasted no time in adding its own little celebration to the global event. If you check the Google Doodle for today it’s a cute pineapple playing tennis. If you click on the pineapple button on the right hand side you’ll be taken to a webpage that explains it all. Apparently, in honour of the Rio Olympics, Google has updated its app to allow you to play fruit themed games. It will last until the 21st of August, the final day of the Rio Olympics. So for almost two weeks we can all enjoy fruit themed Olympics on our phones.

Welcome to the Fruit Rio Olympics 2016

To get the games, first update your Google App from the App Store or the Google Play Store or go to g.co/fruit. Then open the app and tap on the Doodle and there you go. You’ll be able to see 7 tiny fruit themed games. The games are very simplistic and last about a minute or are endless depending on how much you’re hooked on them. They feature basic controls like arrow keys and an action button. You can even go and check the Timeline for the Doodle and a day by day commentary on the fruit games here. There are even tiny GIFs of fruits running around and playing. unnamed (1) unnamed (2)unnamed
Google’s really upping the friendly factor here, something it noticeably has been doing since it remodeled its logo.

Here’s a GIF highlighting how the whole thing works:unnamed.0

More games will be added each day. The games include sprinting, tennis, cycling, swimming etc and each features different fruits like lemons, strawberries, pineapples and coconuts. You can also click the Doodle to get a full schedule of the Rio Olympics as well as the results of each events and a tally of the medals won by each country.

Google App v6.017

The Google app has been updated with quite a few features aside from the mini games. The updated features are Tear Down, Data Saver, Snoozing Reminders, Sign Out of Reach and Exercising fruits.



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