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French Minister Wants Pokémon Go Restrictions in Schools for Safety Measures

Seems like one of France’s favorite pastimes is looking to find new trends to ban. Its education minister is now calling out to put a restriction on Pokémon Go in every school in the country.

This isn’t the first time that we’re hearing about shutting down Pokémon Go in some manner and neither it’s going to be the last. France’s education minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, is bringing it to everyone’s attention that there are certain regions or areas that should be free of Pokémon Go activity. In that light, she is requesting Niantic Labs to completely remove all rare Pokémon critters from every school in the country.

In a press conference yesterday, she explained that doing so would force students to focus more on their curriculum rather than dash outside whenever they discover a rarity nearby. The minister also revealed that she would be meeting the developer soon to discuss the possibility of completely banning the game from schools in France.

That being said, Vallaud-Belkacem claimed that she has no problems with the game itself. It’s the temptation of catching rare Pokémon that drives focus away from students as well as see non-students trespass on campus grounds to try and catch them.

In the wake of a series of terrorist attacks that the country has suffered in the past year, Vallaud-Belkacem noted that limiting Pokémon Go in schools is going to help increase safety measures.

Niantic Labs has not commented on the matter but we’ll see how proceedings go once the minster has a sit-down with an official representative.

Pokémon Go currently has a player-base in the millions who play the mobile game on a daily basis. It has formed a cult of its own with passionate fans. The growing trend of catching Pokémon has caught the attention of various governmental representatives since the game’s release in July. Some countries have even banned it altogether.

via SeattleTimes

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