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Final Fantasy XV Was Delayed Because of These Concerns

Final Fantasy XV was supposed to release on September 30 but eventually announced to be delayed to late November. Square Enix wanted to give its team additional time to “further polish and conduct quality testing.” That’s pretty much what you can expect from any major studio that’s running late these days. However, a core reason for the delay was also because the developer was not in favor of rushing the release and forcing players to download post-release patches.

In an interview with Famitsu, director Hajime Tabata shed light on the issues that caused the delay of Final Fantasy XV. Optimization was a key reason as the game still had “various bugs and frame-rate drops.” At the same time Tabata noted that the bugs were not game breaking in any way. Nonetheless, it was considered important that the team cleans up as much as possible before handing the game over to consumers.

Square Enix could have always opted for day-one or otherwise early patches that would introduce bug fixes and gameplay balances. Tabata, though, was strongly against the idea. He reasoned that releasing day-one patches requires players to be connected to the internet. Many console owners just want to play the game and hence not everyone is connected online. Therefore, it’s very likely that there may be some players who would keep adventuring in Final Fantasy XV without ever applying the (important) day-one patch.

He cited recent studies that suggest more than 20 percent of Japanese console owners do not connect to the internet that frequently. “The United States has a higher connection rates than Japan,” stated Tabata. “In other words, in Japan, [those] who will be playing without the Internet connection, was found to be a significant number.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the director revealed that Final Fantasy XV would receive new content outside of the Season Pass. These are mostly add-ons such as new costumes and other related cosmetic upgrades. Square Enix might release story missions once it is done with the Season Pass but these large DLC packs will unlikely be free.

Final Fantasy XV is now scheduled for a release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29.

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