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FIFA 17 Gets New Gamescom Trailer, Ultimate Team Championship Series Announced

Thanks to Gamescom 2016, FIFA 17 has received a brand new trailer to pave the way to its release later this year. In addition to that, a live demonstration was also set up by EA Sports that saw Marco Reus make a surprise entry and sit down to show just why this year’s installment warrants excitement.

EA also took advantage of the Gamescom stage to announce the Ultimate Team Championship Series. The publisher is committed to delivering a competitive environment and rewarding those with exceptional skills. The new gaming tournament is going to feature a prize pool of $1.3 million. There was no clarification whether EA intends to increase this pot through the participation of the loyal player-base.

“The popularity of Ultimate Team, combined with the global nature of the most popular sports franchise on the planet, makes FIFA 17 a very exciting title for a season of competitive gaming like the one we are announcing today,” said EA’s esports chief Peter Moore. “We want all players to experience the thrill of competition, and we have a great season ahead for all our fans.”

The annual FIFA soccer simulation series has so far been powered by the in-house Ignite engine. However, this year’s addition will be the first to see the series turn toward’s EA’s Frostbite engine, a powerful platform that has been used for numerous AAA titles such as Battlefield 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront. With the technology prowess of Frosbite, EA is finally able to introduce several new features and improvements to the series that was previously impossible.

In addition to that, FIFA 17 is also coming stuffed with a story mode, a first for the series. Players will begin their career as a fictional young player who is looking to work hard and make a name for himself in the English Premier League. The story campaign will have players training under some of the most profound coaches available and playing on-field with and against the best players in the world.

FIFA 17 is scheduled to release on September 27 in North America and September 29 worldwide.

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