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EA “Loves” Creating Content for PlayStation NEO and Xbox Scorpio

Publishing giant Electronic Arts has revealed that it is already working on content for the upcoming PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio console variants.

In a recent interview with IGN, company executive Peter Moore stated that both Sony and Microsoft have been handling this generation incredibly well. It’s always necessary for any company to keep tabs with new technology. Moore noted that the previous “10-year hardware cycle” was a limiting factor and it’s refreshing to see both companies change that trend with the upcoming console upgrades.

While no details were mentioned for the content currently being worked on for Neo and Scorpio, Moore did state that the developers are “loving what they’re seeing right now.” With the new hardware it’s a given that developers are going to be able to pump out more performance. Neo and Scorpio intends to lessen the visual fidelity gap between consoles and PC. From what Moore has teased, users are going to be surprised with the final products.

Sony is finally ready to reveal PlayStation Neo in a special PlayStation Meeting event next week in New York. According to early rumors, the upgrade variant to PlayStation 4 is going to be “slightly” heavier and thicker than the original PlayStation 4 console. That’s unsurprising when considering the hardware it’s going to be housing.

On the other hand, Microsoft already announced Project Scorpio during its E3 2016 press briefing. The console is slated for a release in fall 2017. While rumors indicate that Neo is going to hit the markets later this year, it’s likely that Sony is going to instead focus on its PlayStation 4 Slim edition for this fall. Neo should arrive early next year, which will still give it a head start against Scorpio.

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