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DOOM Sells 1 Million Copies on Steam

In two more days, the recent reboot of DOOM will have been released for exactly three months. According to video game sales tracker SteamSpy, id Software’s first-person horror shooter has surpassed 1 million copies sold on Valve’s popular digital distribution platform.

Note that numbers generated by SteamSpy are always an estimate and should never be taken as an accurate representation of sales. Nonetheless, what we can take out of this is that DOOM is doing well on PC.

Having been in development for such a long time, many fans of the iconic shooter were worried about the final product. The game’s release, however, left everyone amazed. Not only does DOOM feature pretty visuals and hardcore action, it also released with fantastic optimizations for PC. There were no major hiccups at launch.

More importantly, the game pays homage to the classic installment in the most perfect way possible. In addition to getting close and personal with Glory Kills, raising mayhem and total chaos, and experiencing an impressive multiplayer mode on the side, DOOM also brings a glorious soundtrack that is going to leave you headbanging throughout your progression.

More recently, DOOM received a new update that introduced the benefits of Vulkan. The game now runs even better than before, raising frames-per-second, decreasing frame-rate drops in certain scenes, and improving the overall performance metric.

DOOM is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It recently featured an attractive price cut where it was brought down to $30. Hopefully, you took advantage of that discount.

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