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Denuvo Dismantled; DOOM, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3 Cracks Are Up

It has taken a considerable time but the anti-piracy countermeasures put in place by Denuvo have finally been undone.

The recent reboot of DOOM was the first to fall earlier today, followed by Rise of the Tomb Raider and then finally Just Cause 3. Cracks for all three titles are currently up on various forums and torrenting websites, and are reportedly working. This is the real deal and the cracks are so far said to be working fine.

According to reports, the crack to Denuvo is working as a bypass which is taking advantage of a bug in Steam. As a result, the digital distribution platform sees the player pirating the game but is led to believe that the player is just running the free demo instead of the full game. This makes you question whether Steam will be plugging that loophole anytime soon or if Denuvo is going to respond to the new challenge.

DOOM is the latest game from that list to be cracked. Released in May, the reboot has enjoyed almost three months of release before being cracked. While it’s being debated whether publishers are still going to rely on Denuvo for future games, it has to be pointed out that the anti-piracy DRM never promised permanent countermeasures. The focus here was to always delay piracy and cracks, allowing publishers to enjoy the core initial sales from the game’s launch.

Denuvo officials are maintaining radio silence for the time being. It’ll be interesting to see how the team responds to their dismantled system.

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