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Here Comes The MacBook Pro With Touch ID Sensors And OLED Mini Screens!

The MacBook Pro news has been pouring in for a long time now. A lot of time doesn’t pass without 9t05Mac or MacRumours dishing out a fresh rumour about Apple’s Notebooks. This new update has long been awaited. It’s bringing retina displays in two sizes, 13-inch and 15-inch, along with Touch ID sensors and OLED Mini screens with the keyboard.

Now the MacBook Pro was refreshed last year in two iterations. First came the 13 incher in March and the 15 inch model followed in May. This year however, they seem to be coming together. Not only that, the changes are going to be big. There’s a lot of pressure to step up the game now that Microsoft has brought its Surface Book in to the arena and some of the proposed features in the new MacBook Pros are heavily inspired from it.

Touch ID

Take for example, the Touch ID sensor that is rumoured. That’s clearly following the Fingerprint sensor in the Surface Book. Grant it, it’s the natural progression of the technology being used so much on smartphones today but this whole idea of importing it to other devices was a Microsoft idea. It was almost like Apple had forgot to pay attention to their MacBook line just enough so that Microsoft to sneak this by them.

The Touch ID sensor is a great idea. More and more gadgets are coming up with biometric technology to login to your devices and, taking it a bit further, in to your email accounts and all other online accounts. The Note 7 took it a step further this year by introducing the Iris scanner that scans your eye to unlock your phone etc. In the broader context this will eventually mean erasing the concept of passwords altogether with your body being the password.

OLED Mini Screen

Now this is something that has everyone stumped. How exactly are the guys at Apple going to use a small OLED screen to control the interface of the MacBook Pro? Will it completely replace the keyboard or act as an enabler for functions that aren’t possible with it? We all know that Apple isn’t introducing touch screens to its laptops, something that Steve Jobs says that users don’t feel comfortable using. And I confess, I don’t use my touchscreen on my Dell laptop. Still, today’s laptops have a lot of functionality that may require a touchscreen such as drawing and graphic designing. And sometimes it’s nice to have that on one device instead of having a tablet by your side.

Either way, the OLED screen is something to look forward to. It could be the next ‘One Last Thing’, that Steve Jobs was famous for; a killer feature of the product he was through exhibiting that received thunderous applause from the audience.

The rest is the same. The MacBook Pros will be thinner, lighter and faster and deliver an overall elegant experience that the user will love. But Jony Ive has hammered that message home so many times that we just want something else.



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