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What Is Botting In Pokemon Go And How Can I Catch ‘Em All?

Well, you’ve probably heard all the buzz about botting in Pokemon Go. It was something people started to do mostly after they reached level 20 in the game. It got tedious and slow and it became increasingly difficult and tiresome to catch ’em all. Well programmers did a little keyboard magic and voila! Instant Bot. Many users have been installing these bots on their devices to forego the hassle of walking around the city. But what is it exactly and how does it work?

What Is Botting?

Botting is basically the use of an automated program to do tasks for you. You can use it on the internet to accomplish tasks and that’s why you’re always asked to fill out those stupid captchas or mark which photos have trees before you proceed to a webpage. And bots can be used in videogames to accomplish tasks too. They can range from bots that are trained to do repetitive tasks like refresh your crops in Farmville, or bots that analyse a map and work on strategy similar to what you do in a first person shooter. There’s even an entire community on reddit, dedicated to botting. In Pokemon Go, the bot basically analyses the map and searches for Pokemon in that area and goes to town on it, capturing every Pokemon in sight. There are currently no bots that help you to participate in Gym battles but according to Ars Technica, that day isn’t far.

For an explanation of how this whole thing works and how you can install it, here’s a video to help you through the process:

Why Is It Cheating?

Now, you may think, “That’s not fair to other players. You should be playing Pokemon Go, the right way, by walking aimlessly for hours like they do.” And you’re right. Botting is an offense. It can get you banned from websites and games alike. Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go have been trying to get rid of bots since they’ve surfaced. They’ve been unsuccessful since patches always fix any safeguards that they’ve placed. There hasn’t been a ban wave yet that has removed any and all accounts that operate this way but there could be. Botting is against Pokemon Go’s terms of service.

What Are The Best Bots Out There?

Now before we tell you, know this: Botting is definitely liable to get you banned. So if you must bot, do it on a secondary account and even then, consider this: millions of players around the world have found common ground and have started socializing more because of the Pokemon Go. Using a bot to rob you of that experience is self inflicting harm if you ask me. Nevertheless. Here are some bots that are purportedly the best.

  1. Necrobot: This seems to be the favourite. It was developed by the Necrobot community. It evolves Pokemon, transfers low level monsters to Professor Willow and also farms Pokestops.
  2. PokeBuddy: This bot is available on Github
  3. MyGoBot: This claims to be the world’s leading Pokemon Go Bot but only works on Windows and charges users after a trial period of 3 hours.

One thing you should know is that botting shows wide gaps between your locations in very short times, essentially alerting Niantic to your shenanigans. It singles you out and makes you an easy target to ban. So don’t get greedy.



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