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Here Are The Best Places To Snipe Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Many updates and fixes later, Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go still haven’t been able to clamp down on the botting craze. It’s to be expected with a game that makes you get off your ass in today’s world where reaching for the remote is considered a chore. The most popular thing to do with botting is entering coordinates (longitude and latitude) of a different region to catch Pokemon there, or sniping. That way you can forego the journey to Europe to catch those last 3 Pokemon that aren’t available in your region. However, we make this clear to our readers that sniping/botting is a bannable offense. It’s against Niantic’s terms of service and can result in your account being permanently banned. You can also receive soft bans which allow you to still play the game but can’t fight gym battles or catch Pokemon. So it’s better for you that you try this with a secondary account. Here are the best places to snipe Pokemon:

  1. Marowak 40.814184, -73.942549
  2. Haunter 41.865403, -87.608416
  3. Arcanine 48.134851, 11.549532
  4. Hitmonlee 29.424459, -98.486261
  5. Dragonair 51.497166, -0.120719
  6. Slowbro 36.401284, 138.254555
  7. Farfetch’d 22.29694, 114.176029
  8. Gyarados 40.709851, -73.988741
  9. Dewgong 51.55961, -0.109213
  10. Mr. Mime 40.363839, -3.660383
  11. Dugtrio 32.719463, -117.17394
  12. Nidoking 40.752861, -73.987641
  13. Porygon 49.248964, -123.08285

Remember to wait a minute or two before you snipe again and don’t snipe too aggressively so that Niantic doesn’t ban you.

On the whole, this process helps to forego journeys to and fro from locations that are just too far but we encourage our readers to gain the full experience of playing the game and not to drain the fun out of it. Sniping and botting after all are just cheap thrills compared to the real rush of the game. Imagine being in that stampede at Central Park in New York when people sighted a Vaporeon. It’s a pretty new way to get an adrenaline rush that you can never get when waiting for a program to do the work for you.

Take the example of Nick Johnson; he’s the first person in the world to capture all 145 Pokemon available. He caught all the ones available in the US (142), and then ventured all the way to Europe to catch the remaining three! He still hasn’t caught the legendary Pokemon that haven’t shown up anywhere but he plans to do it the right way.

The Perma Bans Have Begun

Niantic has also begun a formal banning wave. They’ve started permanently banning users that have utilized popular bots like NecroBot and MyGoBot and even smaller ones like PokeMobBot and HaxtonBot. In response to this, the bots are being taken down for the safety of the players.

“Your account was permanently terminated for violations of the Pokémon GO terms of service. This includes, but is not limited to: falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.”

-Niantic’s message to Pokemon Go players who have been banned for botting or sniping

If your account was taken down incorrectly then you can file an appeal, however, the investigation in to your account could take a while.



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