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Here Are The Best Coordinates To Bot On Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go has been the greatest success any mobile game has ever been. It smashed records for the most daily active users, the most downloads in one day and the most downloaded app in a week for iOS. It also brought Nintendo back from the dead, or at least breathed new life in to the company. People couldn’t get enough of it. That is until they got to level 20. The game got tediously slow from then on. So botting came along and offered a solution to the waiting. Bots like NecroBot and MyGOBot helped people navigate through days of gameplay in a few hours, maybe faster. No doubt you’d like to do that too. But botting requires just a little input from you. You need to input coordinates to search for Pokemon in certain areas. Well here are some of our favourites:

For Rare Pokemon

This is a gripe for many Pokemon users. Once you get tired of capturing endless hordes of pidgeys and mankeys you need a rare Pokemon to get you motivated.

  1. From Ownedcore.com, user AZNinvazn shared coordinates for a “Pokemon Go Heaven” as he describes it. It’s a spot with 6-7 Pokemon lures and has enough Pokemon for the thousands of players that show up everyday. The coordinates are : Lat:43.64028065169827, Lng:-79.37606647610664. AZNinvazn says that he caught Pokemon such as Psyduck, Golduck, Dragonite, Hypno, Ninetails and Ponyta here. He also says that its a great place to farm Eevee and Magikarp.
  2. Lat: 40.7589, Lng: 73.9851. These coordinates have reports of rares spawning and guess what, they’re in the middle of Times Square, New York City. So you’re bound to find excess traffic and a hell of a lot of fun.
  3. Lat: 45.029513, Lng: -93.319432 yield Victory Memorial Drive in Minneapolis, USA. Apparently you can find 6 Pokestops here.
  4. Lat: 33.791578, Lng: -84.002176. You can find lots of Magmars here in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia.

For Starters

If you want to find all the starters, here are some coordinates that may help.Latitudes first, Longitudes after.
Bulbasaur:37.80794, -122.474
Charmander:37.7916376, -122.388935
Squirtle:37.80794, -122.474
Pikachu:41.905739, -87.7008263

For Hard To Find/ Uncommon Pokemon

Here are some coordinates for Pokemon that some of you aren’t finding.

Mr. Mime: Lat: 67.2821547133674, Lng: 14.3841505050659

Electabuzz: Lat: 34.0092419, Lng: -118.49760370000001/Lat: 51.529316, Lng: 0.051945

Dratini: 42°52’40.5″N 78°52’49.9″W/42°53’04.1″N 78°53’25.5″W

Snorlax: Lat: 38.7640864464526, Long: -121.331980729508

Gyarados: Lat: 37.808971, Long -122.409851

If you need help with how to use these co-ordinates to catch Pokemon, you can check out our guide here.

Legendary Pokemon are Still No Shows

Articuno found its way in to some user’s smartphones but Niantic has promptly removed them. It seems that the Legendary Birds and Mew and Mewtwo will still be out of reach for eager players. However it won’t be long until a major addition is made to the game. Pokemon Go’s popularity has peaked and some players have popped up that have caught all the 142 Pokemon available for capture. And even he’s heading overseas to catch the rest that are available elsewhere. The franchise needs a booster shot to surge up once more. But I have a feeling they’re saving it for a big day.

Disclaimer: The solutions mentioned above are not developed or hosted by TechDrake. We offer no guarantees that they will work as advertised. ‘Botting’ or using software emulation to play Pokemon Go! might breach Niantic Labs’ Terms of Service (TOS) and users can get banned as a result. TechDrake assumes no responsibility for your actions in this regard.




  1. Hello. I have compiled a list of at least 1 major place with a ton of pokestops nearby, as well as their coordinates of all 50 states. I also have compiled a list of some countries with a lot of pokestops around as well, and their coordinates.
    Please let me know if you’re interested

  2. Sorry for the delay… Just yesterday I got an email stating that someone commented on my post. I can’t find the document on my computer so I’ll have to make another list. I’ll post it sometime this week


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