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Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Detailed; War Is Definitley Expensive

Details about the Season Pass of Battlefield 1, called Premium Pass, have arrived through an updated store listing on Origin.

Owners of the pass are going to gain access to four themed expansion packs, the first of which is called “They Shall Not Pass” and is scheduled to arrive in March 2017. According to the description, it’s going to introduce the French army to the game while a future expansion pack is going to bring in the Russian Empire.

All four expansion packs are confirmed to introduce 16 new multiplayer maps, 20 weapons and 14 unique dog tags in total. Additionally, we have been promised a lot more content with the release of each add-on in terms of new game modes, vehicles, operators, Elite Classes, bonuses and more. Note that purchasing a Premium Pass grantees two-weeks of early access to all four expansion packs.

Battlepacks are also returning to Battlefield 1. Premium Pass owners are going to receive 14 Battlepacks, one on a monthly basis starting from November. We know that each one is going to unlock cosmetic upgrades like weapon skins for specific weapons. However, it’s unconfirmed as to whether the Battlepacks of Battlefield 1 are going to feature more than that.

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is priced heftily at $50/£40/€50. This finally gives us a price point for Battlefield 1: Ultimate Edition which features the base-game, Premium Pass, pre-order bonuses, the contents of the Deluxe Edition, and a bunch of other digital goodies. Prepare yourselves; the Ultimate Edition is going to set you back by $150.

Those interested in just the standard edition of Battlefield 1 and Premium Pass will eventually have to dish out $110. Since the first DLC is going to arrive in March next year, there’s hardly any point to purchase it this early. Unless you’re mad about Battlepacks and cosmetic items, you can wait for a future discount or price drop.

Battlefield 1 is going to release on October 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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