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Battlefield 1 Features This Exclusive Reward for Beta Participants

Earlier today, Electronic Arts began handing out open beta codes for some Battlefield Insider members. The publisher plans to send these out in waves and those who were lucky enough to get access from the first batch of codes have already begun playing the game.

A message accompanying each code revealed that the developer has integrated a special reward in Battlefield 1. This incentive is available exclusively for all beta participants and comes in the form of a unique Battlefield 1 Beta Dog Tag.

You’re required to reach Rank 15 during the open beta period and play the game on at least four different days. However, the tag won’t be immediately available for use. According to the publisher, the Beta Dog Tag is going to be delivered to your Battlefield 1 account when the game officially launches on October 21. Only then will you be able to proudly inform the world that you were part of the game’s initial beta event.

As a reminder, those who signed up for the free Battlefield Insider program before August 21 will receive their codes shortly. There’s no reason to fret if you missed out on the opportunity. Battlefield 1 will commence an open beta from August 31 which is going to be available for all players. Insider members were only promised a day of early access.

The Battlefield 1 beta features the Sinai Desert map where players can experience horseback combat, stay clear of a deadly armored train, pilot planes, monitor artillery, and more. Players are going to be receive two game modes during the beta: Conquest and Rush. The Sinai Desert map is capable of supporting up to 64 players in a single match. This beta is going to be incredibly fun!

There’s still no word on when the beta is scheduled to end. According to some reports, it is going to run for just four days. That being said, it’s possible that EA will extend the period if there is a large enough demand for it.

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