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2-Step Verification Feature Makes Your PlayStation Accounts More Secure

Sony has finally introduced an increased layer of security for your PlayStation Network accounts by providing a 2-Step verification feature.

In an announcement posted on the official PlayStation website, the company acknowledged that the current age of internet has numerous ways through which your passwords can be compromised. The situation can prove dire if you (like most) use the same password for multiple accounts. Hence, the 2-Step verification option has been enabled in order to make the PlayStation user-base feel more secure about their accounts.

The process to activate the feature is incredibly simply and you can do so by heading here. Once properly set up, your PlayStation account will require two forms of identification for a successful log-in. When you correctly provide your password, the PlayStation Network is going to send a randomly generated code to your smartphone via text. This has to be then entered next for verification in order for you to access your account.

Just remember though. Do not lose your phone!

In other PlayStation news, Sony is expected to announce its new PlayStation Neo and PlayStation 4 Slim variant soon. An exclusive PlayStation Meeting event is scheduled for early September and it’s strongly speculated that Sony will be finally unveiling its upcoming upgrade for the PlayStation 4. The event takes place on September 7 at 3 PM ET and will be held at the PlayStation Theater in New York.

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