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Xiaomi’s First Mi Notebook Looks Primed to Take on Apple’s MacBook

Xiaomi is finally getting ready to announce its first laptop later this month.

The Chinese firm intends to introduce two variants of the Mi Notebook: 11-inch model (manufactured by Inventec), and 13-inch model (manufactured by Wistron). The latter model is said to feature high-end specifications and will not disappoint power-users. According to a leak, the 13-inch model will be powered by Intel’s Core i7-6500U, 8GB of memory and Windows 10 operating system. Furthermore, the 13-inch model has reportedly cleared supply evaluation and will undergo mass production soon.

As for the 11-inch model, it’s said to feature a competitive price point; thus, allowing consumers to choose between the two based on their requirements.

Xiaomi is looking to ship nearly one million units of its new Notebook by the end of the first year. The company is pushing its new hardware into the gaming and enterprise divisions, which currently hold strong demand. The China-based firm wants to capitalize on that and offer stern competition to those already present in that market. Analysts, though, believe that it’s going to be a tough quest, since Xiaomi’s purchasing cost is going to be higher than its competitors because of small shipment volumes.

Last year, there were several reports that suggested Xiaomi was looking to take on Apple’s MacBook lineup. If the high-end specifications of the Mi Notebook are true, it’s likely that Xiaomi has a winner in the ring that is primed and ready to go up against the MacBook Air.

The announcement of the two new notebooks is pegged for July 27.

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