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Titanfall 2’s Improved Progression System Is Inspired by Call of Duty 4

It has been over two years since the release of the first Titanfall game. During this time, Respawn Entertainment has received plenty of feedback from fans and players alike, giving the developer a pretty substantial basis on which to improve the sequel, Titanfall 2.

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, lead engineer Jon Shiring shared a few details about the new progression system incorporated into Titanfall 2. He revealed that the new system is a tremendous improvement over the original and has been redesigned in light of community feedback.

Furthermore, the “very deep progression system” has been designed by Todd Alderman himself, the one who was responsible for Call of Duty 4’s much hailed progression system. Shiring added that they are not ready to talk more on the leveling and progression system as of yet, but will reveal necessary details at a later date. He, however, did tease that the new system is going to make fans very happy.

On the topic of a single-player campaign, Shiring stated that it’s very different from “other single-player games” Respawn has worked on. The focus was on creating a single-player world that still gave players the freedom to go “crazy” and utilize the game’s new mobility mechanics. Hence, it might not be the conventional single-player campaign that most players are expecting.

“We took a lot of creative risks of embracing the pilot mobility and really leaning in on that, and trying to make a single-player game that doesn’t try to pin you in and get you to stop using your mobility, but actually encourage you to try new and crazy things,” teased Shiring.

Titanfall 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s slated to release on October 28; pre-orders are currently live and kicking, with a pretty awesome collector’s edition in the midst.

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