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Titanfall 2 Utilizes Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud, and Google Services

Respawn Entertainment intends to go a step forward than just utilizing the power of Microsoft Azure for Titanfall 2.

The developer notably took advantage of Microsoft’s cloud services for the original Titanfall game. For the upcoming sequel, Electronic Arts is expanding its horizons to incorporate other services as well.

As part of a recent “Inside Development” video series for Titanfall 2, Lead Engineer Jon “Slothy” Shiring stated that everyone was fairly content with out well Microsoft Azure worked with the first game. For Titanfall 2, the developer is bringing in the technology of not only Azure, but also Amazon Cloud and Google services.

“We’ve been working with this company called Multiplay, and they’ve been in the server hosting business a really long time. Their expertise has been really useful to us for learning about all these different ways of running servers,” stated Shiring in a recent blog post. “We’ve been working with them to build a system so that we can use both bare metal and multiple clouds together. You’ll see more of that during tech tests, and obviously during launch.”

Perfectly amalgamating so many services can be a technical challenge. Hence, Shiring is openly inviting everyone to take part in the game’s pre-launch multiplayer testing. Respawn Entertainment wants all testers to come and “destroy all of [their] hard work,” vigorously testing the online services and making sure it sees to a smooth launch.

Titanfall 2 is scheduled to officially release on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In contrast, the first game was exclusively set aside for just Xbox One and PC. This time around, both the developer and publisher have decided to open the game for Sony’s platform as well. Not only that, the sequel will also feature a single-player campaign that was missing from the original.

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