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The Technomancer: “The Deserters – Boris” Choices Guide

The Technomancer offers several quests where the player is forced to choose a single outcome from a variety of given choices. Each chosen outcome has its own impact on the storyline, and associated rewards or gains.

Quest: Fighting for Abundance > The Deserters
The first mission from the main “Fighting for Abundance” storyline tasks you to track down and kill deserters, eventually taking you into the Slums and Underworks of The Exchange. At the end, you’ll be facing Boris, the leader of the deserters. Upon wearing him down in combat, you’ll be given three choices to decide his fate:

a) Let Boris get away
Gain: 1500 XP, +2 Karma
Loss: Objective Failed, -Reputation with Abundance Army

b) Arrest Boris
Gain: 1500 XP, +Reputation with Abundance Army
Loss: -Reputation with Eliza

c) Kill Boris
Gain: 1500 XP, Boris’ Rifle
Loss: David flees

The best outcome is to simply kill him off, since that was also your original mission. Killing Boris will also instantly unlock a new side-quest: Soldier’s Bitterness. Seeing Boris’ death will cause your companion, David, to become upset. He’ll leave your team and disappear, causing you to track him down.

As for “The Deserters” quest, make sure to kill the other deserters before engaging Boris, else you’ll fail the previous quest. You will find one pack of deserters in the Marketplace, the other in the Slums, and the third in Underworks.

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The Technomancer is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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